RBTS Software - ARMD 

Advanced Rotating Machinery Dynamics

ARMD Version 6 is a new generation software package, developed by RBTS, to bring you the most advanced and complete rotor/bearing analysis capabilities for evaluating practically any bearing, rotor/bearing system, or mechanical drive train.

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The complete software package for bearings and rotating machinery dynamics providing advanced capabilities for the design, performance evaluation and troubleshooting all types of rotating machinery and their support bearings. 

Rotor Dynamics

The ROTLAT V6 package uses a finite-element based formulation for performing damped and undamped lateral vibration natural frequencies, mode shapes, stability, unbalance response, steady-state response and time-transient response of rotating systems.

Torsional Vibration

The TORSION V6 package uses a finite-element based formulation for performing analyses of damped and undamped torsional vibration natural frequencies, mode shapes, stability, steady-state response, and time-transient response of mechanical drive trains.

Fluid Film Bearings

The ARMD software package is capable of facilitating comprehensive evaluations of fluid-film bearings. Practically any bearing or bearing system available in the industry can be analyzed with one of the bearing solution modules.

Rolling Element Bearings

The ROLLING-ELEMENT bearing module predicts the performance of all different types of bearings with up to six bearings mounted on a shaft and experiencing radial, thrust and moment loading.

Lubricant Analysis

The lubricant analysis module VISCOS calculates temperature dependent properties of lubricating fluids.

System Requirements

ARMD runs on virtually all recent desktop/laptop PCs which run versions of Windows supported by Microsoft

Sample User List

A selected list of prominent ARMD user companies.

Purchasing Options

ARMD is made up of many separate solution modules, and you may purchase any combination of programs or all if you wish.

Software Distributors

The Worldwide Leading Software For Rotating Machinery Dynamics & Support Bearings. ARMD has gained international reputation for its Technical Capabilities, Completeness, User Friendliness, Support & Service.