System Requirements


The ARMD processor modules require the following hardware: 

  • Supplied by RBTS, Inc., either a hardware memory key (USB port) or a software-based standalone or network concurrent access key. Please specify key preference at time of purchase. 
  • For the 3-D Shaft Viewer, a modern GPU assisted graphics card supporting Microsoft DirectX 9.0c with on-board antialiasing.
    • NVidia: Geforce2 or higher required, Geforce 4(non-mx) or higher recommended.
    • ATI: Radeon 7500 or higher required, Radeon 9600 or higher recommended.
    • SiS, Intel and S3 cards might or might not be supported.
    In general, if after installing the latest driver for your graphics adapter you cannot open the 3-D Shaft Viewer, the graphics adapter may not be supported, please contact RBTS for further assistance. 

Operating System

Microsoft Windows 8/8.1/10.