Bearing Analysis

 Bearings, the vital tribological elements of rotating machinery are a specialty at RBTS. RBTS' principals with experience dating back to the 50’s have an in depth knowledge and know-how in both fluid-film and rolling element bearings beginning with their fundamental principles of operation through advanced technologies for evaluating their operational performance characteristics and limitations.

From the design of water and blood lubricated bearings for artificial heart pumps, to the identification and solution of bearing failures in turbo-machinery, to the design of the world largest size bearings for the mining and hydropower generation industries, RBTS has been recognized internationally with unparalleled capabilities. Bearing designs smaller than 1.0mm operating above 10,000 rpm to large size 4.0 meter in diameter bearings have been successfully accomplished.

Turbo Expander 5-Pad Tilting Pad Journal Bearing
Experienced High Temperature & Correction 

With many successful projects completed, RBTS has developed unparalleled capabilities and know-how that is offered to equipment manufacturers and users on a non-biased opinion. 

Fan Thrust Bearing Failure Analysis & Correction

Typical bearings design/analysis/trouble-shooting includes:

  • Fixed & Tilting Pad Geometries 
  • Journal, Thrust & Conical 
  • Incompressible Fluid (Oils, Hydraulic Fluids, Water, Blood, Etc.) 
  • Compressible Fluid (Air, Nitrogen, Oxygen, Etc.) 
  • Hydrodynamic, Hydrostatic, or Hybrid 
  • Full-Film, Mixed-Film, or Boundary Lubrication

Our proprietary analytical software allows us to perform a full spectrum of bearing evaluation to determine bearing acceptability based on performance characteristics such as: 

Crusher Bearing Failure Analysis & Correction

  • Operating Minimum Film-Thickness
  • Flow Rate
  • Heat Balance & Temperature Rise
  • Dynamic Characteristics and Their Effects on Rotor Vibration
  • Whirl and Whip Instabilities 

To learn more about our bearing engineering services, please contact RBTS. Sample applications and a description of the services provided are available in our photo gallery.