RBTS' principals offer engineering services to the public and private business sectors. RBTS prides itself on its ability to perform technical analyses of the highest professional quality, using advanced techniques and equipment, within restricted time frames. Offering a variety of services in rotating machinery dynamics, bearings design and analysis, and structural/mechanical engineering, RBTS brings a versatile, yet highly specialized perspective to the solution of commonplace as well as unique engineering problems.

Through its state-of-the-art software and service programs, RBTS provides computer-assisted technologies to companies to help them "test" the performance of rotating machinery during development and analyze machine failure in operation. Consulting services are available to supplement computer programs and for highly complex or unique machinery. 

An international leader in the design and development of software for rotating machinery dynamics, bearings, and seals, RBTS offers expertise in advanced rotor dynamic technologies. RBTS specialists offer consulting services based on experience and know-how developed for over 50 years.

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RBTS is internationally recognized as an industry leader in providing machinery rotor dynamics engineering services.

Torsional Vibration

RBTS is an international industry leader in providing torsional vibration engineering services.


RBTS has developed unparalleled capabilities and know-how in bearings design, analysis and trouble-shooting.

Medical Devices

RBTS engineering has played a crucial role in all phases of the development of advanced technology systems for many medical applications, such as implantable blood pumps.

General Engineering

A wide variety of structural/mechanical engineering services are available at RBTS.

Failure Analyses

RBTS has provided its customers with failure analysis support to address a broad range of existing problems.

Field Service

RBTS has provided customers around the world with advanced field service engineering.

Service Examples

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