Field Service Support

 At times, analytical predictions must be supplemented by field measurements to completely understand and successfully diagnose problems associated with the operation of rotating equipment. Field measurements are also routinely used to reinforce analytical predictions to assure the end user that the equipment is operating "as designed" and can be anticipated to provide trouble free service.

Over the years, RBTS has provided customers around the world with advanced field service engineering support to address existing problems, as well as to perform audits of new and revamped equipment. Our strength is based on our core technical proficiency and considerable experience working with, and at times reconciling differences between, analytically based simulation predictions and field measurement results. In most cases, RBTS provides field service support on a one time or, per incident basis. However, as needed, our staff can also design and provide periodic and online condition monitoring programs. 

Common support areas where RBTS provides field measurement services include:

  • Excessive Vibration and Shaking in Equipment Casing, Piping, Vessels, and Foundation  
  • Chronic Equipment Failures
  • Reliability and Production Limitations 
  • Torsional Vibration and Power Throughput Issues 
  • Structural Problems Such as Improper Skid and Foundation Designs
  • Excessive Pulsations in Piping Systems 
  • Establishment of Baseline Performance of New and Revamped Equipment

Services provided include the following areas:

  • General Vibration (Linear Vibrations, Bearing Orbits, Etc.) 
  • Periodic and Online Condition Monitoring Programs
  • Operation Deflection Shapes (ODS) Modal Analysis
  • Torsional Vibration Measurements (Strain Gage, Encoder, Etc.) 
  • Ultrasonic Measurements and Infrared Monitoring
  • Specification and Implementation of Customized Sensor Suites and Data Acquisition Strategies
  • Micro Turbines
  • Turbines (Gas & Steam) 
  • Turbochargers
  • Test Stands (Various Sizes & Power)

To learn more about our field service support, please contact RBTS. Sample applications and a description of the services provided are available in our photo gallery.